Finding your River,

the necessary happiness through C and F and T and P –
Creativity / Friendship / Time / Peace…

The Flow in those will create happiness.

If you block or damn one or all of them,
your energies stay unused and pile up, overflow,
they flood something else, making you unhappy – and others.

If you “sell” more than two it will create imbalance and unhappiness, whatever gain it may mean.
If you “sell” peace, you will get nervous and ill on the long run.
If you “sell” friendship, you will stay alone on the long run.
If you do not sell creativity, you can only “sell” your time.

That is what blocks most.

Decide not to stop


Peace means also peace of the stomach, peace of mind, peace of desire, a peace in balance.
Time means to be in control of your own time.
Friendship means connection, also to nature or animals,your spirit befriends the world.
Creativity means to create your world, making it a tick better or more interesting for yourself and others –

that where you can change something.

Become a river.

A river is so much more than water.
…a channel.
…an ecosystem.

A living being in motion.


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