Continuing a song…after 54 years

The memory of love can last a long time. Rarely it is becoming the theme of a documentary spanning generations – and half a decade of human life. A simple encounter in the 60ies in Croatia still has ripples in the present, collected and arranged by Zoran Krema, documentary filmmaker from Rijeka. He is following the decisions of Nikola, now in his Eighties and Rosemarie now in her Seventies, a woman from Berlin who spent her summer holidays in Omisalj on the island of Krk in 1960.

They found each other again after Krema did a documentary about Nikola (“Če sem sem, ma beloga tovara ne zovem moro” / “I Am What I Am, But I Do Not Call A White Donkey Black” 2010; see a 3min trailer @ who became a National poet in Croatia and Rosemarie stumbled upon her pictures of this time on the internet. The project (working title “Oh, My Sailor…”) is in production and when Zoran Krema was in Berlin on a stipend of the prestigious NIPKOW program this December, he invited Rosemarie to Kreuzberg for a dinner with friends…

There – where I happened to sit on the table, too – he called Nikola in Rijeka, who was just coming out of a cinema he is frequenting daily. During the call a magic moment happened: two voices choosing spontaneously to answer each other in a song they both care very much about… – a moment which gives a hint what kind of charming movie might come out of that story everybody can connect to – how the people you choose in your life may change your life, even after 54 years.

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