Choices. A crucial point in every life and endeavour. You choose, you take a different path. This blog is about the science and practise and art of decision-making. The point of no return, the tropic where a choice is made. In tropical brains. In the tropical games of life. We form our personal story with decisions or delaying with them – every day.

In terms of interactive narrative, the creative challenges really boil down to how much choice will you give viewers in skipping ahead in a story, what choices to offer that would enrich the story, and the pacing/visibility of these choices. [Zeega]

A door opens. A path diverges. The tropic of choice is fulfilled and very rarely reverted or analysed. Science, Literature, Media, Transmedia, Games, Personal Development, relationships, all that need the science and art of decision-making in theory, practice and in telling examples. BUT, it is also what WE ALL are is NOT good at, because that is WHY we often chicken out to really execute a decision we already “made”. So it might not be a real decision. We may have tricked ourselves. But there is always a choice.

Indeed, many of the conflicts and barbarities in the world are sustained through the illusion of a unique and choiceless identity. [Amartya Sen, Identity and Violence]

As a former brain scientist turned author and speaker, narrative interaction designer and producer of story-games I research how decision-making happens and collect which external and internal factors play a role in our everyday-life and in transformative moments. I hope you enjoy the journey, shared knowledge and realisations which do emerge from this focus…

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