Redialing destiny well…

Surprise. Somebody flew back in time to check how they did the first 2 Indys, used all the knowledge and passion from the 80s and resurrected a trope which was thought to be cheesy, buried and dead. You do not whip a dead horse, but this ghoul of a movie should not exist – and it does. It strangely does almost everything right, in word and action and delivers a fast paced, action packed movie which shoots some Bonds and ton of material which stands on the shoulders of the Indiana Jones franchise to the moon and buries them there. A real joyride, well written, well paced, funny and clever I did not expect to get catered 43 years after the first one came out. 43 years!

It cites the right things, without bowing too deep, it delivers nuances and a hell of chases of any kind, plus is brimming of fresh ideas which would make 10 B and C movies successful, each only exploiting one. Some of the chases (Marocco!) are over the top and a bit silly, but Indy always was a bit silly. This is the right amount – and its not cheesy, actually solid, and that is the remarkable trait and surprise. I did not cringe once.

James Mangold made a miracle happen, a very enjoyable one, and delivers an A-grade refreshed Indy, possibly through using the dial they run after in the movie. Logan and Walk the Line were ver good, but here he excels.

I mean it, this is cinephile ancient gold, and if you think otherwise you are a cynical, crumpled heart of ice who never felt the impact of this adventurous mix in the 80s yourself – or you forgot what passions drove you when you were young and foolish – and wanted all of this to be true. Not seriously true, but enough for an inspiration. Harrison Ford delivers a nuanced an pleasantly grounded performance, and shows he can act a lot more than smirking. His faces and the lines he delivers are some of the finest in his long and successful career.

Chapeau. I mean in all the ways possible. They do not win an innovation award, but this is high-octane loving overachieving, in an innovative way, within the boundaries set. They even get the time travel part right, and in a clever way. Fantastic.

Already a classic – and I was not expecting myself to write that.

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