How to brainwash people

ITA / ENG: Come fare il lavaggio del cervello alle persone? How to brainwash people – so that they think there is no choice. TINA – There Is No Alternative? Non c’è alternativa? Refugees, Migrants, people fleeing their country, are they all the same? Are we all refugees? An interview in two languages, English with Italian subtitles clears up the fog a bit. The music might be a bit unnerving, the English may sound very Italian (and Korean) but a personal account about how it feels to flee a realm of state induced illusions may be eye opening…

What is FANPAGE? was born in January 2010 and its media plattform Youmedia was born in June 2012. It is called by some the “Italian Leaks” as it may play a role like the Wiki Leaks but in Italian language.

Corea del Nord: cos’è davvero la dittatura di Kim Jong-un?

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“Come tutti i bambini cresciuti nella Corea del Nord anche Hyeonseo Lee pensa che il suo paese sia “il migliore al mondo”. Studia le gesta del Caro Leader Kim Il-sung, partecipa alle coreografie di massa e gioca a pugnalare gli americani. Poi, qualcosa, cambia.
Io ho conosciuto Hyeonseo Lee e ho deciso di raccontare la sua storia, perché è una storia che riguarda tutti noi.”

Danno un ringraziamento particolare alla RFK International House of Human Rights di Firenze.

The video you can watch here / Il video che puoi guardare qui:


How to brainwash people – so they think there is no choice.

North Korea: what is Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship really?

FANPAGE,it published this on 26 January 2016 at 10:30 with the description:

Like all children raised in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee thinks her country is “the best in the world”. She studies the exploits of Dear Leader Kim Il-sung, participates in mass choreography and plays to stab Americans. Then something changes.
I met Hyeonseo Lee and I decided to tell her story, because it is a story that concerns us all.

Special thanks to the RFK International House of Human Rights in Florence.

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