Discrete Choice

The book of Douglas Rushkoff is not entirely recent, but also 6 years ago pointing into the right direction of code as “power” and “fate”. Who is not able to read or produce code is a new illiterate. There is not only a utopia around the corner, after 6 years we are living right in the middle of it. Imagine recording your present self where you describe what you do, what the world is about, where it might head, etc. and lets send this file back to your self in 2010. Would you be bored to hear what happened to you, saying, “Well, nothing new, as clear as a crystal lake and I saw already where the goldfish are swimming and what schemes they are up to…!” or would you surprise yourself with your development and the how the world developed. Did you forsee the dystopian parts of our world nowadays, the development of WikiLeaks, Snowden, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Syria, the escalation of the refugee crisis in Europe, DAESH (ISIS) or your own changes in job opportunities and general feeling? Some say, the party is over. Not yet, but one thing does not change in these super-interesting times of transformation: change.

For better or for worse.

And it is inbound fast. Very fast.

Comet is coming, dinosaurs,…brace! 😉

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