DROPPING A PLATE is a video series of dropping plates. Inspired by Ai Wei Wei´s “Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn”. Original size 4K.

01: “Dropping a Chinese plate from 1968”.

To appropriate another artist´s idea and practice and make it your “own” is undeniably a conscious decision. Call it a reference,
a reverence, a bow and a devouring, digestive gesture. An incorporation. A body´s plasticity in learning, the new weights at some synaptic
connections in a nervous system, the brain, mean incorporating the world in our world, our innermost one. “Our brain is plastic and we do not know it. We are completely ignorant about this dynamic, this organisation, this structure.”
Catherine Malabou, “What should we we do with our brain?” (2008) We change through events and experiences and some experiences let us grow, some shatter us. In this sense our bodies merge with the action and dynamic of the world and change through them as we change the world as well. This you may call a poetic, artistic practice when focusing exactly and exclusively on that. Dropping a plate breaks and develops Ai Wei Wei´s gesture further, more temporally than in meaning. What´s the meaning of Stonehenge, anyways?

More theory and legal practice concerning this appropriation:

Vandalism (by DJ Enright)
“Since the object in question is a modern poem, /
A police spokesperson stated yesterday, /
It is hard to tell whether it has been damaged /
Or not or how badly.”

[See also Manuel Salvisberg “Fragments of History” (2012) depicting art collector Uli Sigg dropping Ai Wei Wei´s famed Coca Cola Urn.